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Above the Clouds

The Who


The Power of One

It’s a simple yet deeply personal question that breeds a multitude of excuses and reasons for NOT answering the call and that is specifically what the other side wants to hear.

Have you ever noticed that it suddenly becomes difficult to get a return phone call or a meeting with your elected official after the election?  Have you noticed that they no longer ask what they can do for you or what your concerns may be?  Instead of asking “what are your concerns”, the narrative changes to “all of what they are doing for you” which is rarely what you had requested and is code for implementation of new programs, spending tax dollars and simply “good works”.

Each election we cast our votes for our chosen candidate.  We elect them to “Serve” not just their constituency, but the entire precinct, district, city, county, state, or our nation.   They truly are and always should be Servants of the people.  They should not be career politicians as they will not retain their “freshness” of vision and purpose.  As stated earlier, we are called by God to be “Salt and Light”.  In other words, we are to “season and preserve” whomever we interact with and the arena where God puts us.

It is our God given duty to hold our leaders accountable.  Accountable to biblical precepts, legal ethics, and the duties for which they were elected.  We have not fulfilled our responsibility as citizens nor Christians and we must change.   You CAN make a difference.  You Can effect change.

All you need is the Power of THEE ONE.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson recognized the potential power of the church to influence government affairs if allowed to influence government, so he set out to eliminate or at the very least restrict the voice of the church within government.  Johnson buried an amendment deep within a totally unrelated piece of legislation.  The amendment created the 501:C3 tax exempt status of the church.  However, the church was already tax exempt.  What the Johnson amendment did was “threaten” the elimination of a churches tax exempt status when they acted as a sounding board, endorser of candidates or legislation or attempted to “guide governmental” affairs.  Johnson sought to “Silence the Church” from taking sides for or against legislation.  In other words, the church was NOT to speak against non-biblical government actions nor were they to promote biblical precepts within government or its leaders.  These restrictions also applied to endorsement or non-endorsement of candidates under threat of losing their tax-exempt status.

One man acting out of anger effectively neutered the nations churches in retaliation for them speaking the truth about his actions which nearly cost him re-election.  Tyranny rains.  With no salt, the meat, vegetable, or our servant politicians will spoil.

Lyndon Johnson was ONE MAN driven by purpose who used his gifts for evil.  All it would have taken is One Man or Woman who were led by the spirit to counteract his evil and bestow blessing.


If yes, then you may be one of the 7000!



Elijah the Tishbite & the 7000

The Prophet Elijah, at 37 years of age, leaves his home in Tish treks to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel’s court in Israel to curse and pronounce the Lord’s judgement upon Israel.  Under Ahab and Jezebel’s tyrannical reign, God was officially removed or banned and replaced with the worship of Baal.  Jezebel had over 500 “Prophets” of Baal to facilitate the satanic rituals and worship within the people at a cost of death to those who would not comply.  There are literally no records of Elijah’s existence or life prior to his appearance in the Kings court.  He was just a man and citizen of Tish from Gilead.

Elijah entered the Kings court to deliver a message of judgement to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel for they had sinned greatly in the sight of the Lord and reigned as tyrants over the people.

The 37-year-old Elijah of Tish spoke the following declaration to the court; “As the LORD God of Israel, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.”  The Lord then spoke to Elijah and told him to flee.  The draught continued for 3 ½ years and throughout that time the Lord protected Elijah whom Ahab and Jezebel sought to kill.  (1Kings 17:1).

The Lord fed Elijah with meat, cakes, and drink then Elijah arose and went 40 days and 40 nights unto Horeb the mount of God into a cave and lodged there and received the Word of the Lord.

And the Lord said to him, “What doest thou here Elijah?” and Elijah responded, “I have been very jealous for the LORD God of hosts: for the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and the seek my life, to take it away.

And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD. And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice….

When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering of the cave.  And, behold there came a voice unto him, and said “What doest thou here Elijah?

And Elijah said, “I have been very jealous for the LORD God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine alters, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.”

The LORD then gave Elijah instruction on what to do next.

              - Travel to Damascus and anoint Hazael to be King over Syria:

              - Anoint Jehu, son of Nimshi as King over Israel

              - Anoint Elisha, son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah as prophet of thy room.

And it shall come to pass, that him that escapeth the sword of Hazael shall Jehu slay: and him that escapeth the sword of Jehu shall Elisha slay.

Then the Lord said these words to Elijah.

**Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

“It may seem as though you are alone, but you are not.  The Lord will always be with you and keep you just like he did with Elijah if you follow His will.”

We all have times when we feel alone, taken advantage of or simply exhausted with the fight.  But if God is in it, we are simply the carrier and purveyor of the message.  Will we be chastised for delivering God’s message?  Yes

Will we face ridicule? Assuredly

Will we weaken at times? Yes, we are human.

Will we succeed in our mission? Eventually

Will success come at a cost? Probably

Will God walk with us? That is up to us.

Will He reward us?  Yes, if we are faithful to His instructions.

God commissioned Elijah and the 7000 to eradicate the tyranny in Israel and Restore Israel to Him. He is calling men and women who are willing to accept His calling and become...

One of the 7000 for America today

                                                                                                                  You are not alone…

The Why


Throughout all human history man has been locked in a battle between good and evil beginning in the garden of Eden.  God gave Adam and Eve one simple command to live an abundant life free from worry, strife, and conflict.  They were not to eat from the Tree of Wisdom and Knowledge.  They instead were “tempted” by the serpent (evil) and the allure of ego and pride overtook them.  They denied God and chose evil over good.  This was but the start of man’s fall from grace, righteousness, and blessing.

Adam and Eve invoked a curse upon each of us that remains to this day but unlike Adam and Eve, God in His mercy provided us with an atonement in Jesus Christ.  We have been given the authority to walk in His power, redemption, and righteousness.  Our authority is not of ourselves but through Christ and the Cross.  We have been given all authority over evil through Jesus Christ.  We are to do these things for His glory not ours.  Yet we as believers in Jesus and the mainstream Church of America choose to “turn away” from our call, our responsibilities as disciples of Christ and focus on our own microcosm lives letting apathy grow or worse, we want to build our own little empire.  Both are dangerous.  Both are destructive to mankind, and both empower tyranny.  We see this vicious cycle of tyranny repeating itself repeatedly throughout history.  Same spirit, same evil different actors.

“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

                                                                                   Theodore Dalrymple


America was and is the ONLY nation in the world that was founded as “One Nation Under God”.  Unfortunately, much like “free” nations that have come before us, we too have succumbed to our selfishness and not fulfilled our main responsibilities as free citizens of the greatest nation in the world.  We “trusted” our elected leaders with the power of authority, trust which they have violated resulting in tyranny.  We did not hold them accountable to the biblical principles our nation was founded upon.  Just as any unsupervised child stretches and ignores the rules of good behaviors, our elected leaders have ignored or circumvented the very founding principles that defined this nation.  Pride, ego, infanticide, and arrogance rule our governing bodies and school boards.


We have failed to hold our community, state, and nations leaders to account.  It is time to reclaim our nation and our godly heritage.  In the words of President John F. Kennedy,


“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Could you be One of the 7000?

Your Action


The “Seven Mountains” of Culture or Society, what are they and why are the important to our civilization? The idea is quite simple: in our culture, there are seven areas of society that influence each our lives.  Think of them as “spheres” or simply “areas” of influence.  The Church has historically played a crucial role in maintaining the integrity, morality, ethics, and integrity of our society by providing biblical guidance and governance within each of these spheres producing a righteous society and standard by which each would function with integrity and prosperity.  However, man is inherently flawed and without the righteous influence that only comes from God and scripture as the plumbline for “us” to govern these mountains society has no moral compass, will or adherence to standards of right or wrong.  The modern church, which is YOU and I, is being called reclaim each of these mountains for God and the sake of our society.

Where did this teaching come from? Is it biblical?

If you're looking for it in the Bible, you won't find the “Seven Mountains”. Therefore, in that sense, it is not in the Bible.

However, Jesus instructed us to be “salt” and “light”.  He told us to “go into all the world” and spread the Good News. The New Testament is replete with admonitions that we are to influence the culture thru Him to not be influenced by the culture of man.

In that sense, the “Seven Mountains teaching” is quite biblical indeed.


History of the “7 Mountains” of Society

In 1975, two Christian leaders, Dr. Bill Bright, and Loren Cunningham had a meeting where each was planning to share a message that God had given to both men independently.  To their amazement, each had been given the same message to give to the other.  Bright and Cunningham the set about developing a God-given, world-changing strategy. Their mandate: Bring Godly change to a nation by implementing that Godly change within its seven spheres, or mountains of societal influence.

History reveals that societies, which are not governed by Godly principles and design, ultimately degenerate into tyranny, oppression, degradation, and chaos. Therefore, for a society to be successful, operating in its fullest potential, each individual member must do their part as an integral component of said society. Every person has been given, by God, a specific set of skills for the purpose of bringing Godly excellence into the area of their calling using the gifts, talents, and proclivities to equip and direct people to their mountain where the member implements the values, established by God, into every aspect of that mountain, thus restoring a society back to the foundations of truth, righteousness, and goodness.

Today our society and culture are not in alignment with Godly values.  Those who are in influential positions upon these mountains, are purposely directing our culture and national character to move further and further away from those values. As believers in Jesus, we are mandated to spread the Good News, as well as be a light of hope and example wherever we go. We are called to bring back goodness and Godliness into our personal sphere of influence, wherever that may be, thus restoring our culture and society back to one which honors and esteems the Lord Most High and His Biblical precepts.

Apathy, complacency, a lack of understanding of our God given identity coupled with individuals diminishing their impact and influence upon the world, has opened the door for the enemy to take control of the societal mountains of influence. Establishing our identity in Jesus begins by recognizing that we are wonderfully and uniquely created and equipped to inject the presence of God into wherever we find ourselves along life’s path.  If we walk in the gifts and power He has given us, we will cast the enemy out of the mountains, restoring the rightful influence and reclaiming them for God and His purposes.

Calling the 7000 Ministries agrees with The Reformation Prayer Network’s explanation of the Seven Mountain Mandate.  According to The Reformation Prayer Network, The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence is explained as; “The 7 key sectors we live within effect virtually every aspect of our lives both present and future.”  The bottom line is we affect these mountains every day either apathetically or purposely.  Which one are you?

To transform any nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must prayerfully and purposely invade each mountain physically and ideologically.  All facets of society must be reached and transformed back to God’s Biblical design and purpose.  These 7 societal “mountains” are: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business.


The 7 Mountains!


Every society has some type of belief in a superior being or beings. In the east, religions tend to be polytheistic (many gods) or outright idolatrous (such as Hinduism and Buddhism). Although these religions are thousands of years old, they nonetheless continue to thrive today. In the west, Christianity and Catholicism are predominant, but postmodern views are increasingly being accepted and the concept of God is being rejected. This is especially true in Europe and the United States of America.

The Christian Church is described in the Greek language as the ecclesia. Literally translated, the word ecclesia means “governing body”. Although we don’t condone theocracies, this translation suggests that the Church should have great influence in all spheres that make up a society. The standard for that influence must be rooted in biblical truth and precepts, not in denominations.  With a plethora of categorized religions around the world, it’s the Church’s responsibility to reach the lost strengthening their understanding, resolve with the Truth in Love of the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and expand the Kingdom in ministerial efforts and influence both nationally and internationally.



In any functional society, the family is the “building block” of the community. Throughout the Bible, you will find familial examples that portray how we ought to live our lives today. God desires that all men, women, and children within a family be united as one in His love and for His purpose. After all, He is the ultimate Father (Romans 8:14-17).

Today’s families of have been under constant and prolonged attack.  The assailants are fatherlessness, divorce (50% rate in secular and Christian marriages), abuse, homosexual marriage, pornography, abortion, and pressures from the other six Mountains to acquiesce and compromise their godly values.  Negative influences have brought great dysfunction to American life. God is calling fathers and mothers (both spiritual and biological) to bring order to the chaos satan has unleashed upon families in America. He also wants to healing marriages and families by reestablishing moral foundations for children in the future to stand upon.


At one time the education system of America unapologetically incorporated the Bible as the primary textbook, prayer in school to the God of the Bible and biblical values in every aspect of school life. Not coincidentally, this system produced a people that built the most powerful and prosperous nation the earth has ever seen.  “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

We have allowed the children to become literal wards of the state.  Now, the children of our nation are inundated with liberal ideologies, atheistic teachings, identity crisis and post modernistic principles in our public schools and in most universities (including many Christian institutions). Put simply; they are being indoctrinated with often false, biased, and anti-biblical information.

A re-introduction of biblical truth and Bible-centric values is the key to renewal and restoration in America’s failing educational system.


Proverbs 14:34 states that, “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”.  Many times, as exemplified in the Old Testament, a nation’s moral standards are dependent on those exhibited by its leaders (or predominant political party). While each individual is responsible for his or her own actions and sins; the fact remains, that people are greatly influenced by those moral or immoral traits that popular leaders adopt.

The progressive liberal agenda, empowered by well-known men and women in the arts and entertainment industries, have made significant gains in the political arena over the past few decades. In fact, many liberal groups, such as the ACLU, seek to remove anything related to God or Christianity from the governmental and educational systems because of a misapplied interpretation of the phrase, “separation of church and state.” We must ignite a shift in this arena if we are to preserve the Christian heritage that America was founded upon. The goal is to put in place righteous and moral political leaders that will positively affect and infect all aspects of government with righteousness. 




The media mountain includes news sources such as radio, TV news stations, newspapers, Internet news and opinion (blog) sites etc. Media truly influences all the other 6 Mountains and has the potential to sway popular opinion on current issues based upon its reporting, which is not always truthful or accurate. In the 2008 elections, the liberal “elite” media played a vital role, especially in the Presidential race. Their generally supportive and positive reporting greatly influenced the outcome.  However, the integrity of the media today has rapidly declined from factually based information source to one of a purpose driven opinion and bias reporting that contains little if any truth.  Today’s media is being used as a brain washing or social conditioning mechanism of the masses  for specific purposes which are seldom honorable.

There has been a rise in Christian news services, which is needed. However, to bring transformation to the mountain of media, Christians who are gifted for and called into this type of work must be willing to report righteously and truthfully in the secular marketplace.




In this mountain we find some of the most influential forces shaping our society. Music, filmmaking, television, social media, and the performing arts drive the cultural tastes, values and standards of a nation’s citizens, particularly its youth.

With a heavy reliance on the strong appeal of sex, drugs, alcohol and fantasy, the arts and entertainment industries wield significant influence. The body of Christ needs powerful, righteous men and women who are not afraid to take their God-given talent into the arts and entertainment arenas. People ready to further His purposes, by impacting those who are lost in darkness with the light of Jesus and would not otherwise be interested in any kind of Christian message in traditional forms.


The ability to literally create wealth through ingenuity, enterprise, creativity, and effort and is a God-given gift and a universal impulse. The markets and economic systems that emerge whenever people are free to pursue the biblical model of buying and selling become the lifeblood of a nation. This includes anything from farms to small businesses to large corporations.

Of course, this realm is prone to corruption through idolatry, greed, and covetousness. In response, the Church must embrace its responsibility to train up those who are called into the marketplace to manage businesses and provide leadership with integrity and honesty. We believe it is the Lord’s will to make his people prosperous and that He desires for His Church to use its wealth to finance the work of Kingdom expansion. Simply put: Prosperity with a Purpose.

Reclaiming the Seven Mountains begins with you answering the call you have been given.  Then and only then can you take the stand for truth and righteousness and begin to reclaim your chosen mountain.  It is the call and purpose each man or woman of the modern day 7000 to choose a mountain and work to improve and conquer it for God.  This IS the call of the Elijah’s of today.

The Who
The Why
Your Action
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